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Best Brushes for Curly Hair

Best Brushes for Curly Hair2When you have curly hair, brushing your hair can be frustrating. The pulling, pinching and time it takes to get through can drive a person to into a rage.

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Add this to the potential fact of by the time the day is half done it will be back in the same situation again, can make having curly hair an annoyance beyond compare.

The good news is that there are some ways to reduce this frustration and one of the key ways is by changing your hair brush to one that is designed to work with curly hair. While it might not seem important, the right brush can make all the difference in the world.

It’s A Hairy World

Best Brushes for Curly Hair3Hair plays an important role on the body, and while the hair that is on your hair might be different from that over the rest of your, it has the same important roles to play. While we often think of hair as being part of the overall attractiveness of a person, the reality is that hair helps us regulate our body temperature by keeping heat in or by allowing us to remove the heat, and it also protects us from the sun.

There are many factors that goes into determining the type of hair that you have, for those with curly hair it is often the shape of the follicle. Hair follicles are either oval or round. Those with round follicles have straight hair and those with oval have curly. Also, the hydrogen molecules that are part of the hair growing process help to keep your hair in its shape. Which is why curling irons and flat irons use heat to break these bonds to perform a different shape. At the same time, curly hair tends to be thicker and when combined it creates all manner of frustration when trying to brush it out.

Five Great Brushes For Curly Hair

Top Detangling Brush to Buy

Crave Naturals Glide Hair BrushDesigned and engineered to glide easily through all hair types, this brush – Crave Naturals Glide Hair Brush has unique bristles that don’t pull, pinch or rough up the scalp. The bristles are also designed to caress the cuticle layer while at the same time massaging your scalp to increase circulation to promote a health head of hair.

This brush is also child friendly as it won’t rip tangles and the bristles are created to maintain their shape throughout the brushing process to easily get rid of knots. Users of this brush love how easily this brush glides through their hair and the comfortable feel of the handle.

Best Bristle Hair Brush

Vizeri Beauty Black Boar Hair BrushThe Vizeri Beauty Black Boar Hair Brush is a full featured brush that has vents for easier and faster drying of your hair while at the same time being curved for a better flow through you hair. The boar bristles help remove tangles and knots in addition to helping to massage your scalp for a better feel.

The brush also helps to evenly distribute the natural oils present on your scalp to provide your hair with a natural shine and to ensure your hair is protected from damage. Users of this brush enjoy the fact that it is vented and curved and like how it leaves their hair looking great.

Best Paddle Brush to Buy

Beyond 100 Naturals Bamboo Hair BrushCreated as a complete scalp solution, this bamboo brush – Beyond 100 Naturals Bamboo Hair Brush is 100 percent all natural and it uses wooden fiber bristles so it doesn’t produce static that can effect curly hair. It also stimulates and massages your scalp while also acting as an exfoilator.

This exfoliating action helps reduce the itching caused by dandruff and will help remove dead skin and other particulates that promote dandruff. It is made for all types of hair including wavy and curly. Users of this brush love the exfoliating action and the easy way it moves through their hair leaving it looking smooth.

Best Rated Detangling Bamboo Brush

Marbeian Bamboo Hair BrushAnother bamboo brush on the list, this one – Marbeian Bamboo Hair Brush can be used with any hair type or style and it can be used either wet or dry. The bamboo bristles help to reduce static build up and will massage and stimulate your scalp to help remove dead skin and promote natural oil to help protect your hair from damage.

It glides easily and quickly takes care of knots and tangles with no pulling or yanking. The handle is also comfortable to hold and has a good grip, even if your hands are wet. Users of this brush love how lightweight this brush is and how great it feels in their hair.

Best Brushes for Curly Hair

Torino Pro Model #6556 Medium Hair BrushThis boar bristle brush – Torino Pro Model #6556 Medium Hair Brush can be used with any hair type and works equally well on all styles. The bristles massage your scalp and helps to even out the natural oils to help protect your hair while at the same time stimulating the roots for a stronger hold.

This brush easily removed tangles without pulling or breaking hair and it leaves your hair looking and feeling great. Users, who have purchased and use this brush, love how great it leaves their hair looking and how it helps reduce the amount of shampooing required.Best Brushes for Curly Hair4

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Proper brushing techniques are also required to promote healthy hair. Many factors go into keeping your hair looking great. When in doubt, always consult a hair professional for the proper way to manage and control your hair.

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