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Best Hair Dryers for Blowouts for 2017

Best Hair Dryers for BlowoutsWhen it comes to hair, the terminology changes as much as the hair styles. What once was a means of describing a bad hair day, now it means a way of styling your hair with a hair dryer.

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While it used to be the only way to get a true blowout was to have one performed in a salon, you can now do it yourself at home. However, it takes a quality hair dryer to make that happen. Only a professional style hair dryer can help you create the blowout that leaves your hair looking silky, smooth and with plenty of body.

Your Style, Your Way

Best Hair Dryers for BlowoutsThe best thing about doing a blowout yourself is that you get to choose the style of blowout you want for your individual look. A blowout does not have to leave your hair curly or straight, wavy or smooth, it is all up to you to decide what and how you want to accomplish this.

However, there are a few caveats. For starters, it is best to use a hair dryer for a blowout but not for everyday drying of your hair. This is because excessive heat can damage your hair over time and continual use of a hair dryer does just that. Secondly, any products you use in your hair should work with being heat dried. Some products are better for hair drying with heat whereas others might chemically breakdown causing your hair to flatten.

For blowouts, you want your hair dryer to be equipped with ionic technology that uses negative ions to bond with your hair giving it a silky smooth look in addition to any styling effect. Therefore, not any hair dryer will perform great looking blowouts. Finally, realize that most blowouts only last for three days to maybe a week, so do it just before an event where you have to look your best.

Five Great Hair Dryers For Blowouts

Premium Hair Dryer for the Money

Remington AC9097 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair DryerEquipped with a unique silk, ceramic fusion, the Remington AC9097 Hair Dryer is infused with real silk proteins to get your hair looking and feeling great. It has a light showing when the ions are flowing so you can get the maximum effect. The professional level AC motor is designed to last and delivers 50 percent more air flow than traditional hair dryers.

Also, the motor is designed to run quiet, thus allowing you more performance for a less noisy application. Users of this hair dryer love how it makes their hair feel and how attractive it looks after a blowout.

Best Hair Dryer for Travel

xtava Allure Supreme 2200W Powerful Salon Quality Ionic Ceramic Blow DryerThe Xtava Allure Jet Travel Hair Dryer is a small, compact hair dryer provides professional looking hair while on the go. It comes with dual adapters for the dryer and a universal AC adapter for both US and EU voltages. In addition, it has a zipper carrying case so you can pack it as a kit.

The hair dryer is no slouch, providing up to 1100W of heat with three heat settings and dual speeds. It is also backed by a one year warranty. Users of this hair dryer love the compact nature and the power of the hair dryer, especially for small bathrooms and for travel.

Best Rated Hair Dryer under $100

Conair 1875 Watt Infiniti Pro LIMITED EDITION Blow-Out Hair Dryer Essentials Tool SetSold as a set, the Conair Infiniti Model 325 Hair Dryer has advanced ionic technology to get your hair looking its best as well as coming with a concentrator attachment, three velcro rollers and three separators and roller brush. The ionic technology reduces frizzing and leaves your hair looking silky and full of bounce.

The internal AC motor delivers a fast air flow for a faster drying time and thus reduces damage to your hair. Users of this hair dryer love the power and performance as well as the effect of the ionic technology.

Top Professional Hair Dryer

TURBO POWER Twinturbo 2800 Coldmatic Hair DryerThis Italian made Twin Turbo 2800 Hair Dryer is made for home and professional use. It features a powerful 1800W motor that produces a generous airflow for fast drying and it has a removable air filter to ensure that your hair is dust free. In addition, this hair dryer has four heat settings and two speeds as well as a true cold shot to lock in your look.

People who use this hair dryer remark about how great their hair looks after using this and how long their blowouts last compared to using other hair dryers.

Bestselling Professional Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryers for BlowoutsLarger than other dryers, the BlowPro Titanium Professional Hair Dryer is built for the professional but can be used at home. It uses titanium plates to ensure the correct heat is applied for a faster-drying effect without damage to your hair and it has six white LED lights to reduce bacteria and buildup on the internals in the dryer.

Thus, making this dryer among the cleanest dryers for use for long term. It produces 1875W of heat and the button layout makes it easy to control and use. Users of this dryer are overjoyed with the quality and performance of this hair dryer including how great it performs blowouts.

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Hair Dryers should not be used near wet surfaces or near water. Be sure to read and follow all instructions that come with your dryer to ensure you achieve optimal results. In addition, follow all safety guidelines to prevent severe damage to yourself or others.

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