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Best Hair Dryers for Damaged Hair in 2017

best hair dryers for damaged hairHair dryers are considered an essential beauty tool and has been since they were introduced in beauty shops across the globe. The first hair dryers were clunky machines that covered the whole head and would take a significant amount of time to dry hair.

These are the best rated hair dryers you can buy on the market

As technology often does, it allowed for hair dryers to become small, more compact while maintaining and in some situations, increasing the drying capacity. However, they came with one downside and that is continued use without a response of a hair dryer can damage your hair. Modern hair dryers are designed to reduce the impact they have on your hair so you can continue to have clean, dry hair for your good hair days.

The Truth About Hair Dryers

Hair dryers cause damage to hair because of the heat applied to the hair. The heat causes the proteins to undergo chemical changes as well as causing the oils to break down thus damaging the hair to the point where more damage can occur due to other factors.

best hair dryers for damaged hairThat does not mean to imply that always using a hair dryer will damage your hair but daily use can and will contribute to creating significant hair damage. Even on hair dryers that claim to reduce hair damage, it is, in fact, the heat generated no necessarily where the heat comes from that is the damaging agent.

Using A Hair Dryer Effectively

To start with, only use a hair dryer when you can not allow your hair to naturally dry. In addition, if you do have to use a hair dryer frequently, be sure to treat your hair with vitamins to help keep your hair healthy. However, there are ways to use a dryer to help reduce the damage.

One way to help mitigate any damage is to use the hair dryer at a proper distance from your hair. Holding the dryer too close to hair will increase the damage. If possible, use a cooler setting when drying your hair. Often, the included manual will have methods that can help you use your dryer more effectively.

Five Great Hair Dryers

Best Rated Hair Dryer under $40

JINRI JR-021 DC-1875W Hairdryer with Styling Concentrator Nozzle and Cold Shot ButtonThe JinRi Model # JR-021/DC-1875W Hair Dryer is a negative ionic hair dryer not only drys but smooths out your hair, leaving it silky and manageable. It has three heat settings and comes with a concentrator nozzle for better directing the hair flow and it has two-speed settings.

It also has tourmaline for helping protect your hair while the ergonomic shape and rotating cord make it easy to use and control so you can perfect your hairstyle. Users of this hair dryer can not stop talking about how great this dryer is for their hair and how great it helps their hair look and feel.

Premium Hair Dryer for the Money

HIRALIY YL-8899 2000W AC Motor Negative Ionic Blow Professional Hair DryerPowered by an AC motor delivering 2000W of heat for drying your hair, this Hiraliy Model #YL-8899 Hair Dryergets the job done fast to reduce the damage that can occur. It has a cool shot button and dual speeds to help you get your hair just right as well. The negative ionic system gives your hair a silky smooth look and it has a consistent temperature monitoring system to help prevent overheating your hair and causing damage.

It comes with two attachments and the cord length is three meters so you don’t have to hover near the outlet. Users who have this dryer love the power and performance and the long cord.

Quality Professional Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875 Watt Nutrifusion Conditioning Hair DryerRevlon is a respected name in beauty equipment and products and this dryer is no slouch. This Revlon 1875W Nutrifusion Series Hair Dryer will condition as it dries to further help prevent damage to your hair and help your hair keep its lush look. It has a containment system for three essential oils which is applied by the dryer and it has dual speed settings and three heat settings to give you the perfect performance for your hairstyle.

Users of this dryer, love the effect it has on their hair and that it conditions as it drys for a complete process to drying hair.

Top Rated Hair Dryer to Buy

JINRI Hair Dryer Professional Infrared Salon Blow DryerAnother JinRi in the list, the JinRi Professional Infrared Series Hair Dryer produces 1875W of heat using the new infrared X heating system to dry your hair up to 50 percent faster. Less time exposed to heat means less damage. In addition, it has a professional level negative ionic system that not only gives your hair a smooth look and shine but it helps protect your hair from dryer damage as well.

This model has a nine-foot cord and comes with a concentrator nozzle and diffuser for exacting performance. Users of this model love how great their hair looks and the fact this model uses a different, less damaging heat to protect their hair.

Best Performance Hair Dryer

CHI Air Vibe Digital Touch Hair Dryer 1800W in PinkThis CHI Air Vibe Series Digital Hair Dryer is a full performance model with infrared heating and four touch screens to adjust almost every aspect of the drying experience. The infrared heat seals in the moisture in your hair preventing damage from the drying process while the ionic system gives your hair a silky smooth look and protect your hair further still.

This digital version allows you to adjust temperature, ions, speeds and more, so you can be more exact about getting the right hair style for you. Users of this product love just how well this model performs and how it really does help protect your hair from dryer damage.

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Be careful with any electrical product and do not use near water or water sources. Be sure to read the included manual for operational instructions and safety instructions.

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