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Best Hair Dryers for Thin Hair in 2016-17

JINRI JR-101 Professional Hair DryerThere is such a thing as too thin and that comes to your hair. Thinning hair comes mostly from the over-processing of your hair. This happens when you dye your hair too often or have you have multiple permanents or straightening of your hair for different styles.

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Don’t forget to add aging and medications to that list. To begin with, go to a hair stylist that understands thin hair and ask for her advice on what products to purchase and how to use them properly.

Quality Hair Dryer for the Price

HIRALIY YL-8899 2000W AC Motor Negative Ionic Blow Professional Hair DryerThe 200 watt motor on the HIRALIY YL-8899 Hair Dryer allows for 2 speeds thereby shortening the drying process by 45%.

It also saves the motor from overuse. It has a cool shot button that releases cool air to add shine and reduce fizz to your hair. It has a negative ion dryer with a constant temperature control will protect your hair from damage.

The only one complaint that was cited was that it only blew very cold air on the cool air cycle. It doesn’t harm your hair weather it is thick and curly or straight and thin. Customers loved the fact that it was quiet and yet powerful. People with thin hair felt that they could style their hair while not damaging it.

Best Hair Dryer for Travel

MHD Professional Travel Size 1000 Watts Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Hair DryerThe MHD 1000 Watts Professional Travel Size has a variety of setting so that it can be used on almost any hair type. Customers thought that it was lightweight and easy to handle.

It was powerful and dried hair quickly but wasn’t noisy. The removable diffuser dried the hair quickly without causing any frizz. Customers who had thin hair found that their hair dried completely and quickly. They also found that there was no undue breakage or stress even on processed, thin hair.

Customers liked the fact that the controls were in easy reach and that the cord was long enough to move around the area without any tangling.

Customers with long hair should be careful that their hair isn’t entangled in the diffuser which would damage it. It weighs a little more than a normal hairdryer but some people like the added weight so they knew what they were holding. The lights show where the heat is being directed to so that you don’t overheat one area over another.

Top Professional Hair Dryer

JINRI JR-101 Professional Hair DryerThe JINRI Professional Salon Hair Dryer has 2 speeds (one for thick hair and the other for thin hair) and 3 heat settings. It has the ability to be customized for your individual hair. It has a removable rear filter which makes for easy cleaning. The negative ion feature helps to reduce fizz. The negative ion conditioner lessens drying time and eliminates static and frizz.

The concentrator allows for focused airflow allowing your hair to dry more quickly. Customers liked the fact that it is a powerful machine but very lightweight. The settings are very easy to use and customers liked the fact that they were easy to see and use. Some customers commented that they no longer see the need of a flat iron any longer.

Premium Hair Dryer Under $50

xtava Peony 1875W Hair DryerThe Xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer is a salon grade dryer with advanced ionic technology for faster drying time. It includes a precision nozzle and a cool shot button to lock your style into place. It is designed for both right and left handed people. The swivel cord turns 360 degrees so that you can cut your drying time.

It has 2 heat levels, a cool air button and 2 heat levels which work with the concentrator nozzle to style either fine or thicker hair. It also comes with a diffuser nozzle to do away with the frizz. Customers liked the fact that fine, long hair took a shorter amount of time to dry than with other brands.

It has a strong motor but is quiet for the amount of power that comes from the hair dryer. The cord is long enough to go around your head but doesn’t get tangled. Some customers did not like where the buttons were located because it made it difficult to reach in the middle of drying your hair. It is small enough to take anywhere. Customers loved the attachments because they could direct either warm or cold hair to the spots that needed them.

Best Performance Lightweight Hair Dryer

best hair dryers for thin hairThe Rusk Engineering Weightless Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is very lightweight but has the power of a professional dryer. There are 3 buttons to control the amount of heat and speed that you want as well as a cool air button. Customers with fine hair liked the fact that there was a warm speed on the machine that would still dry their hair faster. It was recommended to customers by their hairdressers.

Customers also liked the fact that even though it is a powerful machine, it was not too much for their fine hair. It has an amazing air flow that dries quickly. The one complaint from customers was the placement of the buttons on the handle. They were easily changed by just holding the dryer.

People with fine hair should have the damaged parts cut off by a professional regularly. This will also help with fine hair breaking at the ends. Blunt cuts actually make your fine hair appear fuller and can be helped by a good hair dryer. Talk to your hairdresser xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer with Turbo JOHNSON Motorabout products, tools and styles that will make fine hair appear to have more volume. Just remember not to over process your hair as that adds weight.

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If you happen to find a dryer that does everything that you need, you just might want to buy another one in a few months before they are improved or impossible to find.

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