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Best Purple Shampoo for Brassy Hair in 2017

best purple shampoo for brassy hairFrom natural to colored blond hair, your hair is exposed to all kinds of environmental conditions that can cause your hair to develop a brassy look. While there are many toning shampoos available, the best ones are purple shampoos that are designed to help restore the look and feel of your hair while also hydrating and protecting your hair.

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Getting the right shampoo can be hard when many companies make similar claims but one thing is certain, only the right shampoo for your hair will get your hair back to the attractive, comfortable and complimentary look that you are after.

Color: It Matters

How we see ourselves and how others see us, is important for our continued healthy outlook. No on wants ratty, run-down hair and this applies to the color of the hair as well. A brassy, tone deaf look, and feel to our hair gives us a tired look that can have a negative impact on our personal well-being. However, we can protect our hair color or highlights by taking advantage of the same coloration effect.

Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes and Highlights Anti-Brassiness ShampooPurple: The Cool Color

Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel and the introduction of purple pigmentation in a shampoo helps to cool down the brassy tones thus restoring the look of your hair color. It is effective with natural hair color as well as with hair that has been chemically treated. The purple pigment binds with your hair that stays when you rinse.

Don’t worry, it won’t color your hair purple but these remaining pigments work to remove or reduce that brassy effect thus restoring your color. Of course, it takes getting the right purple shampoo as some companies add a small amount of pigment to make the shampoo sell. Only those with plenty of purple pigment will reduce that brassy look.

Five Great Purple Shampoos For Brassy Hair

Top Rated Hair Shampoo to Buy

Joico Color Endure Violet ShampooDesigned and engineered to be easy to use right after having your hair done, the Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo packs the maximum amount of pigment to get your hair to the right tone fast. Light, with a rich lather, this shampoo smooths out your hair without feeling heavy while still offering a deep clean without stripping vital oils.

Being sulfate free, this shampoo won’t damage your hair This shampoo removes any brassy tones while leaving your hair, soft, smooth and manageable without frizz or static. Users of this shampoo absolutely love the positive results this shampoo brings to their hair.

Best Shampoo for Chemically Treated Hair

BlondeMoment - Purple Shampoo for Blonde HairThe Winsome and Wisdom Blonde Moment Shampoo is specifically formulated for color or chemically treated hair. It softens the hair while adding nutrients to the hair all while the purple pigment grabs the hair and reduces any brassy tones and stops yellowing in its tracks. It uses Mica and natural balancing extracts to work with your hair to both massages it and protect it.

It has a UV protectant that further protects your hair from the fading effects of the sun. It will deep clean but leave your hair comfortable and looking great. Users of this shampoo love the UV protection and how well it prevents their hair from fading.

Popular Shampoo for Blond Hair

Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes and Highlights Anti-Brassiness ShampooA favorite shampoo for many, the GoldWell Dualsenses Blond and Highlight Shampoo not only cleans but helps revitalize your hair with lipid oils while also reducing or preventing fading. It bonds with the hair to neutralize any yellowing or fading while the oils penetrate the hair to help protect and add to the health of the hair.

It can be used with or without the conditioner and it is safe for multiple weekly uses. It has a pleasing floral scent and it works well with both blond hair and highlights. Users of this shampoo rave about how great the feel and lather of the shampoo is as well as how well it reduces brassy tones and yellowing.

Unique Shampoo to Prevent Hair Color Fading

Keratin Complex Blondeshell ShampooKeratin Complex Blondshell Shampoo is designed for all types of hair, from gray, white, blond and more, this shampoo helps prevent color fading and works great with keratin treated hair. It has a unique formula based on chamomile that helps strengthen and protect your hair while also providing nutrients for a better hair base.

It goes into your hair smooth and rinses easily while leaving the protective coating to protect your hair color. Thus leaving your hair looking and feeling great. Users of this shampoo love the true to the color formula that reduces yellowing and brassy tones.

Ultimate Shampoo for Blond Hair

PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE Purple Toning Sulfate-Free ShampooUsing a dual ultraviolet pigment and optical brighteners, the Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo brightens blond hair while at the same time softening the tones for a more vibrant look and feel.

The sulfate free formula reaches deep into the hair to cleanse any build up while the added keratin from wheat and the amino acids from silk permeate your hair to both protect and strengthen the hair.

The overall effect is a neutralization of brassy tones and purifies the yellow notes to both preserve and protect your color. Users of this shampoo rave about how perfect this shampoo is at toning down the brass and how it works to get their hair soft, manageable and looking great.

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Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle for optimal effect. Any shampoo can cause an allergic reaction such as itching or flaking, if a reaction does occur, discontinue use immediately.

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