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Best Purple Shampoo for Platinum Hair

best purple shampoo for platinum hairWith all the different shampoos on the market, it can be challenging to get the right one for your hair. For those with platinum or blond hair, it can be even more daunting because some shampoos will turn your hair a “mellow yellow” or brass out your highlights if you have a slightly darker hair color.

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This is where purple shampoos come into play. Purple shampoos use a unique chemical formula to prevent brassing or fading while still protecting your hair from the ravages life throws at your hair. Even still, not every purple shampoo is perfect for you, your hair or your scalp.

Going Purple

Quality purple shampoos are thick and have a deep rich purple color. In fact, some of the better purple shampoos are so deep with purple that you might be afraid it will actually color your hair. The good news, it won’t. What purple shampoo does it work some basic color magic.

Purple is the opposite of yellow or blond on the color wheel and thus it cools down any brassy coloration that might have occurred due to environmental factors. Some of the pigment is deposited on the hair thus preventing the tones from warming up too much and causing a brassy effect.

How To Use A Purple Shampoo

The actual procedure for using a purple shampoo is the same as it is for your regular shampoo, however, you typically only want to use it once a week. If your hair is newly colored or the highlights are new, it is best to wait several weeks before using a purple shampoo to prevent it from cooling down the tone prematurely. In addition, when using a purple shampoo, it is best to not leave it in longer than normal to prevent too much of the pigment being attached to the hair fiber.

Five Great Purple Shampoos For Platinum Hair

Best Brand Blond Shampoo

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde ShampooThe Paul Mitchel Platinum Blond Shampoo is specifically formulated by the expertise of the Paul Mitchel company for platinum blonds, this shampoo is a casual wear shampoo that penetrates into the hair itself where it constrains the hair and displaces water to allow the pigment to hold. In addition, this action protects the hair from additional damage while providing that silky look to your hair.

The detergent is mild thus preventing stripping your hair of the essentials and it helps reduce drying time. Users of this shampoo report how well the liked how this made their hair feel and how effective it was at reducing yellowing.

Premium Highlights Shampoo

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo blonde & silverClairol is well known for producing quality beauty products that both protects and strengthens your hair and this purple shampoo does that and more. Formulated using a protein enriched construct, the Clairol Shimmer Light Shampoo prevents brassiness and helps tone up highlights and ash toned hair.

It also is designed to not leave a residue thus helping keep the beauty and feel of your hair going longer. Users of this shampoo love the way it performs in their hair and how effective it is even with gray hair.

Effective Purple Shampoo for the Price

Purple Shampoo for Blonde or Highlighted Hair Working to eliminate brassy looking hair, the Beauty With A Twist, High Light Shampoo performs well in getting rid of the brass as well as warming up to blond. It also brightens up gray and white hair for a smoother, more attractive looking hair. It also doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy as the natural protein formula makes your hair soft and adds body and gloss.

This shampoo is salon formulated and can be used with all types of hair with thicker hair requiring a longer leave in time. Users of this product enjoy the fact it is animal cruelty-free and the great performance for this hair and style.

Bestselling Purple Toning Shampoo

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning ShampooWith a crazy name, it has to be good and you would be right. The Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo not only tones your hair it also moisturizes and improves vibrancy. Formulated to reduce brassiness, this shampoo penetrates deep into the hair to both protect and clean while adding a cooling tone to any yellow or white.

In addition to getting your hair clean and looking great, this shampoo has an added effect of reducing fizzy or static hair thus making your hair soft, smooth and flowing. Users of this shampoo rave about how great it works for their hair and how it doesn’t dry out their hair.

Top Rated Purple Shampoo to Buy

Joico Color Balance Shampoo, PurpleJoico Color Balance Purple Shampoo is a powerful shampoo that not only cleanses your hair but will penetrate deep into the hair and will cover 89 percent of your hair for eight weeks. That means your hair color will be protected from brassy notes, yellowing tones for up to eight weeks. It is even recommended by some stylists for keeping your hair soft, manageable and the protect your color.

It can be used with or without conditioner and the leave in time can be adjusted for the appropriate effect for your hair. Users love how well this product works and how long it cools down their color and prevents a brassy look.

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Any shampoo can have an effect on your hair, if you use a shampoo and start to have a reaction, discontinue use of the shampoo immediately.

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