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Best Rated Low Watt Hair Dryer for 2017

Best Rated Low Watt Hair Dryer2Having the right hair dryer will make a huge impact on your hair style. Some dryers work on thick, fine, curly, or even straight hair textures and there is one out there for you. Some dryers are stronger than others, and some vary on how they are constructed.

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Technology is giving us more options which often makes the choices harder. These are the best rated low watt hair dryer to help you narrow your search.

Top Rated Hair Dryer for the Price

Conair 3Q Infiniti Pro Styling Hair DryerThe Conair 3Q Infiniti Pro Styling Hair Dryer uses brushless motor technology. This dryer gives you 70% more air pressure with less heat to minimize heat damage to your hair. This model will decrease your drying time and allow you to finish your styling quicker. This hair dryer is ideal for thick hair textures and provides you with conditioning ions to create high shine while reducing frizz. The 3Q dryer will give you Quick, Quiet, and Quality results to your hair styling.

The Conair 3Q Infiniti Pro Styling Hair Dryer is customizable for different hair types. If you have fine, delicate hair, the low-heat, low-speed settings will be perfect for you. You will appreciate this dryer if you have thick or long hair as the high-heat, high-speed settings are ideal for this hair texture. You are also able to lock in your desired style with a cold shot button built-in this unit. This hair dryer makes your preparation easier with its lightweight, ergonomic design making it weigh less than others on the market.

Customers who have purchased the Conair 3Q Infiniti Pro Styling Hair Dryer say this is a fantastic product. It works great on her thick hair texture without overheating and does it fast. This unit has the perfect temperature settings without burning her head or her hair. She is recommending this hair dryer to everyone.

Another customer who purchased the Conair 3Q Infiniti Pro Styling Hair Dryer says she loves the variable speed options on this product. It works great on her long hair and has cut her preparation times down a lot. She says it has out-performed any other dryer she’s owned.

Best Rated Hair Dryer

InStyler Blu Turbo Hair DryerThe InStyler Blu Turbo Hair Dryer is one of the lightest dryers with an exceptional design to produce high-speed airflow. It has been ergonomically designed and is ultra-lightweight making your styling timeless tiresome. This dryer is the only model on the market that gives you the option to select the level of negative ions for your styling needs. It is able to reduce the frizz in your hair and leave you with shiny, smooth hair.

The InStyler Blu Turbo Hair Dryer uses a turbo fan that is thinner with lighter blades. This feature creates a compressed and concentrated airflow to dry your hair quicker. Simply towel dry your hair after washing, and you are ready to start styling. You can create a full volume, bouncy, waves, curls, or any style you wish with the functions offered on this product. Choose turbo or low ions depending on your hair type, and you are on the way to great style.

Customers who have purchased the InStyler Blu Turbo Hair Dryer say this is a fantastic product. It is their first ionic dryer, and it works fantastic on her thick, wavy hair. She loves how quickly it works and the great looks she can create with this model and doesn’t even have to use a straightener anymore.

Another customer who purchased the InStyler Blu Turbo Hair Dryer says she loves how much faster this product is over the conventional hair dryer. She has fewer frizzes after drying her hair with this dryer than others she’s owned, and it’s so lightweight, her arm never tires while drying. She considers this a fantastic product and recommends to everyone, no matter what hair texture they have.

Best Lightweight Hair Dryer

FHI Technique Nano Hair DryerThe FHI Technique Nano Hair Dryer gives you conditioning elements with its ceramic design and power of a professional model with the tourmaline features. You will receive salon-quality experiences using this unit to create a fantastic style to your hair. The FHI is a lightweight dryer that won’t tire you out during your styling and produces negative ions to help you eliminate static and frizz.

The FHI Technique Nano Hair Dryer gives you the perfect hair blown experience to give your hair more movement, shine, and body. The nine-foot cord on this unit provides you with incredible movement abilities and doesn’t restrict you to standing right in front of the mirror. You will appreciate this product with its even heat flow and the cool-shot button to lock in the style you’ve created.

Customers who have purchased the FHI Technique Nano Hair Dryer say they love this dryer and how it is small, compact, yet efficient. It is one of the best dryers they have ever purchased and are recommending to all their friends.

Best Rated Low Watt Hair Dryer3Another customer who bought the FHI Technique Nano Hair Dryer says this is the perfect dryer for her. It dries her thick hair quickly without overheating, and she loves how her hair feels when dried. Its weight is perfect and never tires her arm out when she uses it. She claims she’ll never use another model dryer for her hair styling.

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Don’t risk damaging your hair with excess heat provided from some hair dryer models. Having the right dryer will make a big difference on how long it takes to dry, how your hair will look and feel, and how comfortable it is to use during your styling. These are the best rated low watt hair dryer for you to choose from on your next purchase.

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