Best Round Brushes for Fine Hair in 2017

Kaiercat Natural Boar Bristles Hair BrushIt’s no secret that some of us do suffer from thin hair and maybe the cause is in our hormones, heredity, even abuse. However, if you moan and groan about the thinness of your hair, help is on the way.

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Of course you know that there are many, many products on the market today to aid in giving fullness to the hair. But in order to keep the process going, when it’s time to style your hair, the brush is really what counts.

So, here are a few top round brushes specifically beneficial to thin hair:

Popular Round Brush to Buy

Styling Essentials Natural Boar Bristles Hair BrushStyling Essentials: This is a round brush that is designed to fit the shape of the head. It is the design that many salon professionals prefer because the longer nylon bristles, which are very obvious, provide for deeper penetration, deeper life and better styling experience than most hair brushes.

This brush has a handle that provides comfort for the hand because of its polished wooden handle. It is a 2.2 inch diameter encompassing the bristles and barrel and it’s great for both men and women.

Users state that the brush was easy to use and not at all uncomfortable. One user with very thin hair loves it, saying that her hair dried faster and looked better overall. Another user says it make her hair shiny, smooth and soft.

Durable Round Hair Brush for the Money

SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair BrushSUPRENT Nano Round Barrel hair brush: This is a thermal ceramic and ionic brush. It’s black and gray in color and is two inches round. It’s a great brush for adding volume to thin hair as well as drying, styling and curling.

The ceramic barrel dries the hair as the barrel heats up as you blow dry. The released heat helps smooth the hair as well, by sealing the cuticle.

The brush has extra-large vents for great airflow which reduces the drying time. Takes care of flyaway hair and definitely eliminates frizz.

For thin hair, the SUPRENT brush pushes the hair up and away from the scalp which gives a fuller look.

Users love this brush saying that it works great! It doesn’t tangle the hair and is so smooth that there’s no need to go over it with a flat iron. Gives hair almost three times the volume. A new and unexpected necessity!

Top Rated Bristle Round Hair Brush

Kaiercat Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush Pairs Round Curling CombsKaiercat Natural Boar Bristle Round Hair BrushThis is a great round brush that users rave about because it actually conditions the hair by way of a very tiny amount of sebum. The bristles actually repair dry hair and adds beautiful shine. Additionally, the Kaiercat improves hair texture. So, if you have thin or straight hair, it would add bounce and shine and if your hair is curly, it will loosen the curl and condition it.

The Kaiercat has been known to reduce frizz and stimulate the scalp. It even reduces the need for chemicals and styling products because as your hair becomes more and more healthy and conditioned, it eliminates the need for harmful products.

The Kaiercat boar bristles prevents that oily build up one gets on the scalp, which makes the hair look matted and greasy.

Users state that it’s everything stated. What a difference this brush makes. One user has baby fine hair that grows uneven. The brush is so amazing. It gets every strand of hair at the same time. No products. No grease. No frizz.

Premium Hair Brush under $20

Marilyn Brush Double S Pro Hair BrushMarilyn Brushes 2.5″ Double S Hair BrushThis has one hundred percent natural reinforced boar bristles. They actually sit erect and perpendicular to the barrel.

The brush is a unique and inventive tool that is perfect for fine or frizzy hair. It can be used on chemically treated, dyed or bleached hair and it can also be used on hair extension.

Marilyn has a patented hour-glass shape. It adjusts to the contour of the head for easy and creative styling. No winding is necessary. It lifts the hair in one easy motion and it does this with maximum tension. It stimulates the scalps and distributes all the natural oils throughout the hair, polishing and shining it.

So, what makes this Marilyn Brush even more special is the ceramic barrel. This barrel retains the heat when blow drying. In this way, the brush begins to act like a styling iron.

best round brushes for fine hairThere’s no need to try and work with skinny hair any longer. Not when there are tools to plump and condition your hair so easily. These four brushes certainly do the trick.

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So keep your skinny jeans and your skinny cheese…but leave your hair to the professionals.

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